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Common construction accidents and subsequent injuries

Construction sites are inherently dangerous, which is why all visitors and workers are required to wear hard hats and other safety gear when on site. Construction companies can take all the precautions available to keep their employees safe and still accidents can happen. A combination of heavy machinery, tools, electrical wiring, chemicals and other hazards, a construction site accident can lead to serious injuries.

The most common types of construction site accidents include the following:

– Chemical spills

– Equipment failure

– Equipment collision

– Scaffolding collapse

– Falling equipment or debris

– Electrocution

– Exposure to hazardous materials

– Chemical burns

– Slip-and-fall accidents

– Explosions

– Wrongful death

– Crushed between equipment

– Buried by sand or dirt

Victims who are involved in a construction site accident could suffer injuries ranging from minor to severe, including death. Even the most minor accidents could lead to major medical issues down the road for the victim. With that being said, the victim is not always a construction worker either. Many construction site accident victims include other employees of the company, visitors to the site and even passersby who are outside the fenced-in site.

Common injuries suffered by victims of construction site accidents include any of the following:

– Head trauma

– Bleeding

– Cuts, scrapes, bruises and burns

– Broken bones

– Amputation

– Broken and bruised bones

– Loss of limbs

– Paralysis

– Coma

– Loss of life

It can be difficult to establish liability in claims related to construction site accidents. In many cases there are multiple entities that have responsibility over the site. Any of the following can be held accountable for a construction accident:

– Landowner

– Construction company

– Architect

– General contractors

– Subcontractors

– Project managers

Our experienced construction accident attorneys will perform an investigation into the accident that injured you on a construction site. We work on a contingency basis, which means we don’t get paid if you don’t get paid. Contact your local construction accident attorney today to discuss your case.