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Dangerous conditions for motorcycles in Davenport construction

The construction occurring in downtown Davenport, Illinois, is causing quite a bit of trouble for motorists, specifically motorcyclists. The dust being kicked up from the construction is making it difficult to see when driving through the construction zone, concerning motorcyclists trying to enjoy the nice weather in the Midwest.

The construction being performed includes repair of the roads in downtown Davenport and is known as “cape sealing,” which is supposed to help extend the life of the roads. During the construction, loose gravel is spread on the roads of the downtown district.

There are eight areas in the downtown district currently under construction, leaving very few roads for motorcyclists to traverse without issues. Unexpected loose gravel can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of his or her bike and cause an accident. Prior to the construction, the city released a statement that urged drivers to slow down and use caution in the construction areas.

Despite the warnings, motorcyclists are calling for more awareness. Many worry that riders from outside the Davenport area will not know about the construction, which could lead to problems.

“If you think about downtown where are you going to avoid it?[…] There are hazards all over the place so you could come across it really quickly and not be able to have an alternative plan,” one motorcyclist told WDAQ.

The city has told the public that the roads will remain open during construction because driving on them helps to pack down the limestone and the oil. Because of this, motorcyclists are being encouraged to avoid the area as much as possible, no matter their experience level.

Motorcyclists need extra space to adjust their bikes accordingly when they lose control on gravel. Not many drivers are aware of this needed space, which can lead to serious accidents.

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