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Motorcycle safety tips for Illinois riders

Motorcycle safety is an important aspect of owning a bike in the state of Illinois. Riders should know how to protect themselves when on the road and how to spot potential hazards. Here are some tips on staying safe while riding a motorcycle on the roads of Illinois.

Motorcycle riders should make themselves visible as much as possible. This includes wearing high-res clothing that can be seen at all times of the day, especially at night. Use hand signals whenever possible and flash your brake light two or three times prior to slowing down or coming to a stop.

It is recommended that all motorists leave at least a three-second following distance between other vehicles. If you are traveling in unsavory conditions or inclement weather, increase the following distance to four or five seconds. This provides you with more stopping time should you need to apply the brake.

Motorcycle riders should do their best to use their turn signals at all times. The turn signals should be activated well in advance of the turn in order to avoid being slammed into from behind by another vehicle.

Motorcycle riders should always assume they are invisible to other drivers. This makes it easier to stay safe on the roads. By assuming other drivers do not see you or the bike, you will go above and beyond making sure other motorists notice you on the road. This includes staying out of other driver’s blind spots. Never travel in the blind spots of other drivers. This is a recipe for disaster.

Intersections can be the most dangerous place for a motorcycle. When approaching an intersection, provide yourself with an escape route or an out in the event that something occurs. This can be done by remaining out of blind spots and leaving yourself plenty of room between other vehicles.

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