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How to spot distracted drivers in Illinois

Distracted driving has become a major problem on the roads of the country and Illinois is no exception. Wherever there are drivers, there will be distracted driving, no matter how hard law enforcement tries to put a stop to it. Distracted driving accidents have quickly become one of the most common types in recent years and the numbers continue to climb. Here’s how you can spot a distracted driver in Aurora.

There is an acronym that is gaining steam across the country from the National Safety Council (NSC) that teaches drivers how to spot others who might be distracted on the roads. The acronym is SPIDER.

The S stands for Scan for potential threats. You must scan the road in front of you and around you for potentially distracted drivers. This must be done on a constant basis while driving in order to stay safe.

The P stands for Predicting where threats might come from. You need to look at vehicles around you and try to predict where a threat might be in relation to your vehicle.

The I stands for Identifying any and all visible or known threats. Once you identify the threat to your safety, you can maneuver away from it.

The D stands for Deciding what action to take once you have identified the threat.

The E-R stands for Executing the appropriate Responses when a distracted driver has been spotted near your vehicle on the roads of Aurora, Illinois.

The main issue with distracted driving is not actually the physical touching of a mobile phone, newspaper or other item when driving. It’s the ability for your mind to remain focused on the task at hand, which is driving, and not focused on anything else when the vehicle is in motion.

Distracted driving accidents are dangerous and very tragic. An experienced attorney can answer all of your questions following an accident and guide you through the process of acquiring compensation if you’ve been injured.

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