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Not all cars are equal: Some are defective and dangerous

Imagine you and your family just purchased a brand new vehicle from an Aurora auto showroom. The salesman was such a nice guy, and the car fit every one of your requirements: fast, maneuverable, safe and beautiful. It also comes with a great warranty and the dealership will give you a free sandwich and coffee every time you bring it in for service.

So what’s the catch? The catch is that your vehicle is equipped with a faulty airbag that could blow up and shoot hot metal shrapnel throughout your vehicle. The car you bought, is, in fact, a rolling time bomb just waiting to explode and potentially kill someone, even in the slightest of fender benders that could set off the defective airbag.

This sounds like a horror story, as if it couldn’t be real. However, this is exactly what happened with the infamous Tacata airbag scandal which led to the recall of millions of vehicles throughout the world over the last few years. At least 11 people — by the latest accounts — were killed by these defective airbags. The airbags deployed during accidents in these cases, and shot deadly metal pieces into the passenger areas of the vehicles that they affected.

The main point of illuminating the Tacata airbag defects is this: Not all cars are created equal. Some are defective and dangerous — even new vehicles could be equipped with an unknown safety defect that could take time to reveal. Fortunately, consumer product safety laws will support Americans injured by a defective car to seek financial damages in court relating to their injuries.

At Amoni Law Offices, PC, we regularly represent Illinois residents injured by faulty products in seeking justice and financial restitution in court. If a dangerous product or defective automobile hurt you or your family member, our legal team is here to help.