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What are answers to some common motorcycle accident questions?

When it comes to owning a motorcycle you need to be as safe as possible. These vehicles are two wheels of fun, but can also be very dangerous. Even some of the safest riders find themselves involved in accidents. Today, we answer some of the most common motorcycle questions surrounding accidents so you know how to handle the situation should you ever find yourself in one.

What should I do if involved in a motorcycle accident? This is one of the most common questions. The simple answer is this: Do not sign any paperwork or admit guilt, even if you were the cause of the accident, before speaking with an attorney. It might not even be a good idea to speak with your own insurance company.

I wasn’t wearing a helmet when injured. Can I still recover damages? Even if you were required to wear a helmet by law and were injured, you shouldn’t have any problems recovering damages if you were not the cause of the accident.

Do I have to notify the police? If you were involved in a motorcycle accident it’s a good idea to notify the police. This is especially true if someone was injured, a person died, or a good amount of damage was done to the bike or another vehicle involved.

Do I need a lawyer? If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, even if you were not injured, you should work with a reputable lawyer. A lawyer will be able to tell you if your claims are valid and if you can truly recover damages.

What about health insurance? Health insurance might cover treatment for injuries, but you might have to reimburse the company with money from an award or settlement you receive from the person who caused the accident.

Were you injured in a motorcycle accident? An experienced motorcycle accidents attorney in Aurora, Illinois, can answer questions, explain your rights and guide you through the process of recovering compensation for damages incurred.

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