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Investigation of fatal pedestrian-car crash underway

An investigation into a fatal pedestrian-car crash is underway in Jackson County. The investigation is being led by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. The accident occurred Sunday night around 10:45 p.m., at the intersection of Warren Road and East Pleasant Hill Road in Carbondale.

According to witnesses, a truck barreled into the front yard of a home Sunday night and just 20 yards from it lay a dead man. One witness, the owner of the home where the truck came to a stop, said the following:

“I feel like the first two minutes of it we were just sitting there watching everything unfold and the next thing I knew, we had to get up. I started to tell everyone we need to call 911 and get some cops out here.”

The witness said the truck, a small one, hit a utility pole, knocked out power to the area and came to a stop in his front yard. Before stopping, the truck also totaled a car parked out front of the home.

The witness also said that once the truck came to a stop, the driver jumped out, ran through the backyard and headed for a rock quarry. The driver was chased by two people. The people chasing the driver eventually caught up with him. Police have yet to arrest anyone in connection with the accident. The sheriff’s office also has not said if the truck hit and killed the pedestrian.

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