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Four reasons drivers ignore turn signals

Turn signals are one of the first things they teach you to use in driver’s education. You know you have to signal before turning or changing lanes to let other drivers know what you’re about to do.

Still, drivers ignore their signals all the time. Here are four reasons why.

1. They are lazy.

One survey that asked drivers why they didn’t do it gave them the option to say they were simply too lazy, and almost a quarter of those asked picked that option.

2. They’re sick of forgetting about the activated signal.

This isn’t as much of a problem in newer cars that have warning systems, but some drivers forget to switch the turn signals off — after changing lanes, for instance. In some cases, drivers who do this will stop using the signal to keep from forgetting again.

3. It’s broken.

The driver may not even know it; he or see can’t see the signal light. Even if it’s switched on in the car, that doesn’t mean it’s actually on.

4. They are making a quick turn.

Given time, a driver may always use his or her signal. But what about when that next turn catches them by surprise? A driver who suddenly has to cut across two lanes of traffic to make an exit needs to use the signal the most, but he or she may simply not have time to signal, frantically trying to make the exit.

No matter the reason, drivers who don’t use signals cause accidents. Those who are injured need to know their legal options.

Source: Huffington Post, “7 Reasons Why Drivers Don’t Use Turn Signals,” Andrew Tai, Oct. 04, 2017