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What are the main reasons for road rage?

Road rage is something people often just accept as part of the modern driving experience, but the reality is that it’s very dangerous. For instance, reports show that aggressive driving is involved in a full 66 percent of fatal traffic accidents, and half of people who are targeted by road rage respond the same way.

So why does road rage happen? Knowing the reasons may help you to avoid it. Below are a few of the most common ones:

  • One driver gets cut off by another, forcing him or her to hit the brakes to avoid an accident.
  • Two people want to park in the same parking spot.
  • One person wants to pass, but the front car keeps blocking it or won’t allow it.
  • One driver gets stuck behind someone he or she feels is going too slowly, even if that person is driving at the speed limit.
  • Someone honks the horn so much that it annoys other drivers.
  • One vehicle is consistently tailgating another. This is often done intentionally, but it could just be a mistake because the rear driver doesn’t understand proper following distances.
  • One driver gives another driver the finger.

These things may all play into each other. A driver could get stuck behind a slow car, for instance, and then start tailgating while trying to pass. That could annoy the driver in the front, especially when that second car starts honking the horn. When the driver finally passes, he or she gives the other person the finger on the way by.

As noted above, road rage is often involved in accidents resulting in death or serious injuries. If you’re hit by an angry driver, be sure you know all of your legal options.

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