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7 top reasons for car accidents

Car accidents aren’t really accidents. They don’t just happen. They’re not just bad luck. The vast majority of them happen for reasons that could easily have been prevented. In fact, most accidents stem from driver error.

Safe driving helps. Defensive driving helps. But nothing can ensure that you’re safe all of the time. Another driver can easily make a mistake and cause a crash that you can’t avoid.

Were you in an accident?

Maybe you’ve been there. On the way to work, you were turning left on a green arrow when a car going through the intersection ran the red light. You did nothing wrong and you saw it coming, but you still couldn’t avoid that crash. If you’re wondering why it happened, here are seven of the top reasons for serious accidents:

  1. Speeding. Ever feel like everyone is in a hurry, all of the time? Modern American society really focuses on schedules and production, and people are often rushing, even when it’s dangerous.
  2. Distracted driving. Plenty of distractions take people’s eyes off the road, from a child in the back seat to a cellphone buzzing in a pocket to a hot cup of coffee starting to spill during that morning commute.
  3. Weather conditions. People don’t always slow down in fog, heavy rain, snow and ice. A lot of accidents happen at the beginning of the winter, before people adjust from their summer driving habits.
  4. Illegal turns. People often try something illegal, knowing the risk, just because they think it’ll be faster. That makes them unpredictable, though, and it causes accidents.
  5. Drunk driving. While the statistics have shown a downward trend over the decades, drunk driving still remains a common reason for car accidents, especially at night.
  6. Wrong-way driving. A wrong-way accident, especially on an interstate, can be utterly devastating. It’s often connected to drunk driving, but it could stem from a simple mistake. One miscalculation can put a car in harm’s way, where none of the other drivers expect it to be.
  7. Inexperience. Young drivers crash more often than older drivers. It’s often linked to one of the causes listed above: texting and driving, for instance, which is a distraction. That said, the real issue is often inexperience. Young drivers honestly don’t understand how fast things happen on the road or how risky their actions truly are.

As noted above, while knowing the risks is a great starting point, it’s not going to stop all accidents. You’ve seen firsthand how mistakes take away your right to safety and take all control right out of your hands. This can lead to serious injuries in the span of a heartbeat, and it’s important to know exactly what options you have.