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Everyone needs to know that scaffolding can be hazardous

Scaffolding is a crucial element of many construction projects. In a nutshell, these structures allow workers “safe” access to the highest areas of a building. As you can see, “safe” is a key word in this description. Scaffolds are generally more stable than ladders and have at least a degree of fall protection, but they are not without safety hazards.

Illinois construction accidents involving both workers and passersby often center on scaffolding. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), these are the most common scaffold-related construction accidents:

  • Falls from high elevations
  • Scaffolding collapses
  • Being struck by falling objects
  • Electrocution from overhead power lines

We have found that most construction workers are at least moderately aware of scaffolding hazards, yet many employers fail to address these hazards. As you might expect, this lack of attention to safety leads to many work-related injuries. However, workers are not the only people at risk for a scaffolding accident.

Passersby, including pedestrians and motorists, may also suffer injuries in a scaffold accident. For example, if a scaffold collapses, flying debris or equipment could result in injuries to passersby. Falling objects could also cause passersby to suffer injuries in a work zone, especially pedestrians.

We want everyone to understand how construction accidents occur and how they can involve anyone in the immediate area. Our attorneys would also like to emphasize the importance of holding any responsible parties to account in these accidents. This not only provides victims a means to recover compensation, it also improves the overall safety of construction zones throughout the state. Please refer to our website for additional information about construction accidents and injuries.