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Motorcycle accident hazards personal injury lawyers often see

What comes to your mind when you think about the reason motorcycle accidents happen in the Aurora area? If you are not a biking enthusiast, you may think these crashes happen because bike riders are wild and reckless. If you enjoy riding motorcycles, you probably thought of a dozen or more accident causes that have nothing to do with recklessness on the bike operator’s part.

Our lawyers know that motorcycle riders are especially vulnerable on any Illinois roadway. We also know that when a motorcycle accident occurs, fault does not always land on the operator’s shoulders. Like other motorists, bike riders face many road hazards when traveling from point A to point B. We have listed a few of these hazards in the interest of keeping the public informed.

  • Road gravel: This is one of the worst hazards for cyclists because it causes tires to lose their grip and increases the chances of having a motorcycle accident.
  • Potholes: If a motorcycle tire encounters a pothole, there exists a very good chance that the operator will lose control of the bike and experience a crash.
  • Debris: A piece of paper on the road probably won’t cause an accident, but other types of debris or litter can cause bikes to spin out of control.

You may have noticed that we left a few obvious accident causes like reckless driving behavior by other motorists out of this blog post. We did this to point out that even though another driver did not cause your accident, you may still be able to pursue a personal injury claim.

It may be possible to hold certain entities responsible for motorcycle accidents not caused by operator negligence. For example, if you crash on a poorly maintained road, the city or county may be liable for your injuries. We encourage all bike riders to consider all options after an accident. Learn more by visiting our website.