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Is it wise to call an attorney right after a truck accident?

Any car accidents are frightening, disorienting experiences, especially those that involve large commercial trucks. Experiencing a truck accident is rarely something that leaves a victim in a calm, rational state of mind. This state of confusion can make it difficult for a victim to know how to respond to the accident in the moment. Victims who do not respond properly may miss collecting important evidence that could prove crucial to a future injury claim, or may accidentally assume liability for some or all of the damages.

It is important to understand that an attorney can come out to the scene of a commercial truck accident, or any car accident, to represent the rights and interests of the victims. Usually, it is possible for the attorney to arrive in a matter of minutes, or within the hour. This may seem like a strong measure, but those who know just how costly truck accidents often are understand that an accident involving a truck can produce hundreds of thousands of dollars in liability, or maybe more.

Gathering evidence for a strong claim

Almost all of the most important evidence relevant to a truck accident claim is right there at the scene of the accident. However, for many individuals who experience a truck accident, collecting evidence at the scene is far from the front of their mind. Most victims are more concerned with their immediate medical needs, or the needs of their passengers, and contacting their loved ones and employer to let them know about the accident.

Unfortunately, this often means that vital pieces of evidence get passed over, ultimately weakening an injury claim when the time comes. An attorney who arrives at the scene of an accident knows how to gather evidence on the victim’s behalf, and understands which pieces of evidence are most important to obtain.

An attorney may gather photo and video evidence of the scene, and may interview witnesses and other parties in the accident, as well as any police who come out to the scene. An attorney also knows how to obtain the truck driver’s logs and interpret them to understand if the he or she has not abided by proper driver protocols.

Protect yourself from needless liability

These days, you can never take too many precautions when it comes to your legal liability, especially after a serious truck accident. An experienced attorney can speak on your behalf to other parties to make sure that you do not accidentally say anything that may lead to unwarranted liability for the accident. While this may seem like an extreme measure, it is more reasonable than you might expect, especially considering the likely massive size of the damages.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving yourself vulnerable later on when the dust settles from your accident. However you choose to proceed after a truck accident, be sure that you thoroughly collect evidence at the scene and protect your rights.