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Parental awareness: Illinois teens and motorcycle accidents

As parents ourselves, we understand the feeling that you would do anything for your child. When it comes to keeping your child safe from injury, this feeling is particularly strong. We also know how easy it is to give in to requests from our children when they have proven to be responsible and mature.

For example, many teens in the Aurora area ask their parents to let them operate motorcycles. Parents often give their permission because they feel that their teen is ready and deserves to have something enjoyable to do. However, we want to make sure you understand that a motorcycle is very different from other motor vehicles and not all teens are truly ready for the responsibility involved with bike riding.

Below are a few troubling facts about motorcycle accidents and teen riders, according to esurance.

  • Nearly six times more teen-involved motorcycle accident claims occur than claims in the 35- to 60-year age group.
  • The risk of suffering a fatal motorcycle accident is 35 times greater than the fatality risks involving other motor vehicles, which puts teen motorcyclists at great risk.
  • Over half of teen bike riders choose sporting cycles, which account for the majority of motorcycle accident claims.

You can reduce the risks for your teen by making sure he or she acquires the right training. Enrollment in a motorcycle training course is a great idea as is your insistence that your teen follows all laws as well as your own rules for riding.

While there still exists the risk that a negligent driver could involve your teen in a motorcycle accident, the right training and a cool head could save his or her life. Further, if your teen did not contribute to the accident, an injury attorney can make certain you receive maximum compensation for any injuries he or she suffered.

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