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Illinois construction accidents: Know the dangers

Ongoing construction in the Aurora area is a good thing! It is a sign that our community is not just thriving but growing as well. We need this construction to improve our commercial, residential and industrial zones. However, as we all know, construction sites are annoying and worse, they are fraught with hazards to workers and to passersby.

With summer ramping up, so is construction. We want to remind all Illinois residents to watch out for both obvious and hidden dangers that could cause a construction accident. Examples of obvious dangers include heavy machinery and trucks backing up and exiting and entering construction sites.

Hidden dangers are a little more difficult to pin down. Following are two common examples.

Falling objects: What you see in front of you is only a portion of what is going on at construction sites. Far above your head, men and women are working with heavy objects. Should they lose control of an object, it only has one way to go and that is down. Construction accidents involving falling objects are common and result in severe injury requiring thousands of dollars in medical care.

Holes and other openings: Sometimes, the best way to build something up is to begin below ground level. Holes and openings are a common sight at construction projects. Ideally, they should be well marked with safety signs and fenced off from the public. Unfortunately, some of these openings slip through the cracks, causing passersby to fall in and suffer serious and costly injuries.

Those in charge of a construction site have a duty to make the area safe for anyone forced to travel — by car and on foot — near the zone. Failure to do so opens the door for injured victims to seek compensation using tools and resources provided by the law. Please review our website for more information about construction accidents and legal options for victims.