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Motorcycle accidents: Benefitting from a survivor’s experiences

Many of the discussions available online about motorcycle safety lack one critical element — victim experience. It is great that law enforcement agencies, cycle manufacturers and research personnel offer so many valuable tips about staying safe. Illinois motorcycle enthusiasts should certainly take advantage of such information. However, sometimes it takes a victim’s perspective to get to the root of improving your personal safety.

This post offers a wealth of candid information one survivor learned from his numerous motorcycle accidents. When viewed in the context of preventing injury and death, these talking points can make a big difference in how you approach motorcycle safety going forward.

Personal protection gear: Avoid skimping on protective gear for your body and never ride without some form of protection. The writer even suggests buying a less expensive motorcycle if it comes down to choosing between effective gear and a costly bike. In a separate segment, the crash survivor details how protecting your palms in an impact can save you from suffering severe injury.

Minimize your motorcycle accident risks: Always use the tools you already possess to improve your safety. This means doing everything you can to be seen on the roadway and avoid an accident. Even when negligence on the part of another motorist puts you in danger, your first line of defense is your own wits and your awareness of your surroundings.

Never put status over safety: Numerous costs go hand-in-hand with motorcycle accidents. In addition to compromising your life and your safety, crashes have a huge effect on your finances, your ability to work, your relationships and your psychological health. Being the fastest or the coolest bike rider is never worth the costs of an accident.

In the end, avoiding injury should remain your primary goal in all situations. When despite your very best efforts, another person injures you in a collision, seeking compensation for your harm may become your main goal. A personal injury lawyer can offer guidance and representation when dealing with an insurance carrier or a negligent motorist.

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