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Worker safety hazards associated with construction cranes

When you look around, you see beautiful architecture in the buildings that contribute to our area’s commercial success. It seems like a miracle that ordinary men and women are able to construct these impressive buildings. These structures are not miraculous. They are the product of worker skill, training, dedication and talent.

In addition to skill, workers must rely on tools and equipment to help them meet their goals. One of the most common pieces of equipment used in constructing large buildings is the crane. However, these machines can also result in construction accidents that claim lives, limbs and quality of life. Below are three safety hazards related to the use of construction cranes.

Overloaded cranes: As cranes become more sophisticated, it often takes special training to load and operate them properly. If an employer does not mandate such training, it could lead to crane overloading. An overloaded crane can tip causing injury to its operator and additional workers.

Falling debris: If unsecured work tools or materials fall and strike a fellow construction worker, it could result in catastrophic injuries or death. Workers should receive training to secure materials and to operate cranes correctly.

Electrocution: In many cases, a tower crane places workers in dangerous proximity to power lines. Accidental contact often results in death or serious injury. Employers need to make sure worksites near power lines are reasonably free of hazards by conducting a safety audit before work begins.

Construction accidents affect workers and passersby alike, often resulting in astronomical medical bills. Exploring the legal side of these accidents with an Illinois legal professional can empower victims to pursue and acquire the compensation they need to survive in the aftermath of a serious injury.

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