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Four-year sentence in fatal Illinois car accident

When negligence or recklessness injures or takes the life of someone you love, it is natural to want the person responsible to pay for his or her careless behavior. In many cases, criminal law does a good job of holding negligent parties to account. However, sometimes this does not assuage the suffering of those involved in the incident. This is when an attorney can provide you with additional legal remedies.

Car accidents caused by intoxicated motorists are among the top reasons Illinois residents lose a loved one to negligence. The recent sentencing of a motorist who killed one man and injured two other people in a crash highlights the tragedy surrounding reckless driving.

The driver, a 21-year-old Aurora man, reportedly fell asleep at the wheel and struck the rear of another vehicle. The collision killed a 71-year-old man in the car that was struck and injured two passengers. One of the passengers suffered serious injuries to his back and his bicep.

The Aurora resident was arrested at the scene. Blood tests indicated that he had cannabis in his system when the collision occurred. It wasn’t reported whether the driver suffered any injuries, but his mother, who was also in the vehicle, was not injured.

A court sentenced the driver to a four-year prison term. However, he may actually serve a much shorter sentence because the court has recommended enrollment in the state’s Department of Corrections “boot camp program.” If the program accepts him, the motorist will only be required to serve seven days for every 30 days of his sentence.

This is a classic example of how victims of fatal and injurious car accidents may not be satisfied with the court’s resolution. After all, losing someone you love to negligence is difficult to overcome even when courts deliver proper justice. For some victims, a car accident lawsuit is the next step toward peace of mind.