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Can phone technology protect teens from car accidents?

Avoiding car accidents often requires the ability to multi-task inside one’s mind. Specifically, motorists must concentrate on many different things at once. Examples include:

  • Traffic patterns
  • The behavior of other motorists
  • Traffic signs and signals
  • Events in your vehicle’s immediate vicinity

Teen drivers lack the years of experience that have given adult motorists some insight into dangerous situations. For example, adults may notice the subtle weaving pattern of an intoxicated driver, giving them the ability to stay clear. Teenage motorists may not notice this driving behavior or see it as an indicator of intoxication. Obviously, this puts them at risk of being involved in a car accident.

In situations involving drunken driving and other forms of negligence behind the wheel, smartphones may do little to help young drivers avoid car accidents. Although an injury attorney can help teens and parents acquire compensation for negligent crashes, it is always better to avoid them. This means teaching young drivers new to Illinois roads how to look for and spot potentially careless motorists. With that said, there are phone apps that can help you set driving boundaries for your children while improving their ability to focus on safety.

  • AT&T Drive Mode: Free for all smartphones, this app activates automatically upon movement and will “silence incoming calls and texts.” Teens can turn it off if they want, but doing so will notify the child’s parents automatically.
  • Hyundai Blue Link: Unfortunately, this only works on Hyundai vehicles, but it can alert parents and teen drivers if the automobile is need of repair or maintenance. The app also enables parents to set limits on their teen’s driving behaviors.
  • Focus by TeenDrive: Using Bluetooth technology, this app disables certain features on your teen’s cellphone including notifications, receiving or sending texts, and access to apps. By improving your child’s focus, this technology can help them avoid car accidents.