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Driver kills teen after fleeing the scene of a different crash

Many people feel that it is not a big deal to bend or even break the traffic laws in Illinois. Going over the speed limit, having a little drink before driving and sending a text behind the wheel are all examples of breaking the law. Another example of breaking the laws that govern the roadways is fleeing the scene of a car accident. Unfortunately, breaking this law can have deeply tragic consequences.

A teenage girl is dead because a careless driver chose to ignore traffic laws and subsequently crashed into the girl’s vehicle. The accident also seriously injured the teen’s father and her little sister. Both survivors of the crash remain hospitalized. The teen’s mother also suffered injuries but was released after receiving treatment. Needless to say, the victims of this crash need immediate assistance dealing with the aftermath of such a tragic event.

The police believe that the driver responsible for the fatal car accident was fleeing the scene of a separate collision at a high rate of speed. Just seconds after leaving the scene of the first accident, the 30-year-old driver crashed into the victims’ car as it was stopped at a traffic signal. The collision pushed the rear-ended vehicle into traffic where it was struck by a third automobile.

The police have not filed charges against the driver yet, but they say that the crash is still under investigation. Part of the investigation involves reviewing the results of a toxicology test performed shortly after the collision.

In car accidents like this in which it appears that the at-fault driver disregarded both traffic laws and common sense, surviving family members may seek to hold the driver responsible legally. Filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim is one way to take action against fatal wrongdoing. A legal professional can also provide valuable assistance in dealing with insurance companies after a car accident occurs.