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Illinois truck accidents: Who is responsible for preventing them?

When truck accident victims visit our office, many of them want to know why the responsibility of preventing a crash seems to fall to the private motorist. We understand how it can feel this way because many of the accident prevention tips available to the public are geared toward private citizens.

You might not know this but most truckers receive ongoing training and have access to many resources to help them prevent truck accidents. After all, no one wants to experience a serious crash and this includes private motorists, truckers and trucking companies alike. We want you to understand that you do not shoulder 100 percent of the responsibility of preventing crashes. Everyone shares this responsibility. The reason you see and hear so many safety tips meant for ordinary drivers is to keep you safe while using Illinois roadways.

For example, government organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offer training and resources to the trucking industry. At the same time, OSHA knows that truck accidents still happen in spite of the widespread knowledge about accident risks. In response to this ongoing problem, the government also makes sure that regular drivers like us have access to information that could help them avoid a crash.

Many truck accidents cannot be prevented. However, the risk of being involved in a crash increases significantly if an irresponsible trucker engages in negligent driving. Examples include drinking behind the wheel, driving while drowsy and ignoring traffic laws. While victims injured in these negligent truck accidents can seek a legal remedy, everyone from the government down to you agree that avoiding or preventing them is always the best method of self-preservation.

The next time you hear safety tips meant for private motorists, look at it with a little tolerance. In the end, anything that will keep you and your family safe on the road is a good thing. Find out more on our website.