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Safety gear can reduce injuries in a motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle is one of America’s most beloved activities. Unfortunately, riding comes with the risk of suffering injury should a crash occur. Severe head or spinal cord injuries, crushed or broken bones and infection-prone road rash are just a few examples of the damage a bike crash can cause.

Responsible motorcycle enthusiasts rely on common sense combined with defensive driving to avoid crashes. In spite of these practices, a negligent car or truck driver could still endanger your life in a crash. Good safety gear plays a critical role in reducing injuries if a motorcycle accident does occur. Below you will find some examples of must-have safety gear when you take to the road on two wheels.

Helmet: Illinois does not currently have a helmet law, but it is good sense to use one anyway. For the best head, face and brain protection, consider a full-face helmet.

Jacket: During the hottest summer months, it is tempting to forego a jacket. However, wearing one can give you excellent protection from severe road rash if an accident occurs.

Gloves: It is a normal reaction to throw your hands up if a crash is imminent. Wearing good quality riding gloves protects your hands and your fingers if you do experience a motorcycle accident.

Pants: Like a jacket, good riding pants will save your skin in a crash and may absorb some of the impact. In turn, this could protect you from severe bone breaks.

Boots: Just as gloves protect your hands and fingers, high-rise boots can provide a great deal of protection for your toes and your ankles in a crash.

Taking steps to reduce the injury risks that accompany motorcycle accidents is always a wise choice. When a careless party derails your efforts to stay injury-free, an experienced attorney may be able to help you find a legal remedy.