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High-speed accident in older sports car kills one

One person is dead in Illinois after the sports car they were riding in, a 2002 Pontiac Firebird, was involved in an accident.

Per reports out of Illinois, police believe that the Firebird was going down US 51, heading south, when the driver took the car up to a “high rate of speed.” While speeding, the car went off of the road and slammed into a culvert.

Exactly how that accident happened is unknown at the time. The police — Illinois State Police District 22 — are still investigating, but it does appear that only one vehicle was involved in the wreck. The Union County Sheriff’s Office is also involved.

What they know at this time is that a 42-year-old man was behind the wheel of the older sports car. He is from Mt. Vernon. His passenger was a 58-year-old woman. She was from Salem.

While the man lived through the crash, his passenger was killed at the crash scene. The man was picked up by a helicopter with significant injuries, and he was taken to an out-of-state medical center.

Speeding is dangerous for multiple reasons, both because it can cause accidents when drivers lose control and because it makes the injuries in those accidents more severe. This story shows just how risky traveling at a high rate of speed can really be.

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