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Yes, motorcycle helmets do help

If you’re going out for a ride on your motorcycle, wear a helmet. It does make a difference. It does keep you safe.

Is it perfect? Of course not. No safety system is. However, the statistics show that helmets are roughly 67% effective when looking at how they prevent traumatic brain injuries. These injuries could have a life-long impact, leaving you with injuries and impairments that never heal. You can massively reduce that risk just by putting on a helmet.

At the same time, a helmet is roughly 37% effective when considering how much it does to reduce motorcycle fatalities. Riders can and do still die from other injuries, as a helmet can only do so much, but it prevents just over one out of every three deaths. That’s significant, and there’s really no reason to go without that type of protection. Any reduction in fatality odds is a positive move.

What you must remember is that you can’t decide whether or not you get into an accident. Another driver can cause one even if you are safe and experienced, and even if you follow the law. That’s a risk you have to take on. What you can do is influence just how badly you get hurt when that accident takes place. And the best way to reduce the chances of death or a serious injury is just to put on your helmet before you go.

If you still get injured in a motorcycle crash, make sure you know how to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other costs.