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Recent accident shows the extreme danger of semitrucks

Do you ever think, as you pass a semitruck on the interstate or the highway, that it’s really quite dangerous to drive around such large vehicles? Just a few seconds next to one shows you how small your vehicle really is, and it makes you feel vulnerable.

A recent accident in Illinois just demonstrated how very right you are. There are a lot of risks when driving around trucks, as the ramifications of a simple mistake tend to be a lot more dramatic.

According to news reports and the Illinois State Police, the incident began when traffic got backed up on I-24, in the westbound lanes. Cars began stopping behind one another in a temporary traffic jam.

That’s when a semi came up behind those cars, and the driver “failed to reduce speed” fast enough. The semi plowed into the back of the line of cars, smashing them into each other in a massive chain reaction.

When the dust settled, eight vehicles had gotten involved in the crash, with a total of 13 different people. Three of those people were children. Four said that they had not been hurt, but six others had to be rushed to the hospital. Tragically, three people died in the crash.

The whole thing happened around 12:40 p.m. This shows how driving at any hour of the day can be dangerous. This is especially true in the summer when construction often causes backups.

You may not be able to avoid this risk, unfortunately. If you get injured or lose a loved one, make sure you know what legal rights you have.