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Will your helmet protect you in a motorcycle accident?

Despite operator caution and skill, motorcycle accidents continue to plague many Illinois residents. The injuries suffered in these crashes are typically catastrophic or even fatal. Many law blogs focus on ways to avoid motorcycle accidents as well as legal steps to take in the aftermath of a crash. These discussions are important, but it is also beneficial to talk about ways to escape serious injury when it is not possible to avoid an accident.

Wearing the right helmet can save your life. It protects your head and your brain during collisions with pavement, vehicles and other objects. With so many different kinds of helmets on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? The following section contains information about several types of helmets for cruising or for commuting.

Modular helmets: Built for short and long distances, these helmets offer different configurations depending upon your needs. You can wear them with a full face shield for longer trips or opt for no shield if you are traveling short distances. Their modern design and construction can go a long way in protecting your head should an accident occur.

Touring helmets: These models come with many safety and comfort advantages for those who ride long distances. They offer a wide range of visibility and filter out many noise-related distractions. The plush interior of these helmets can also protect your head in a motorcycle accident.

High-visibility helmets: By remaining visible to other traffic, you are less likely to experience an accident. As such, these helmets offer an array of bright, neon colors enabling other motorists to spot you easily, especially at night. Like the other helmets on this list, they come with the latest safety technology to help you survive a crash with as few injuries as possible.

A good helmet can help you survive motorcycle accidents, but you might still suffer injuries. As always, consulting with an experienced attorney can ensure you receive enough compensation to facilitate your recovery.