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More young people may turn to motorcycles

Often, motorcycles are portrayed as something that older individuals love, but which younger generations just do not care about. The statistics seem to back this up, as the average age for a motorcyclist is 47.

It’s not just that riders average out at 47 years old, either. They’re getting older with time. In 2009, the average age was 40. In 1990, it was 32. What happened?

The problem, some experts say, is that young people just can’t afford to buy bikes, which they do not think of as a necessary purchase. For those in Illinois, a motorcycle is more of a toy, something to ride for a few months. They still need to have other transportation options for the colder months of the year.

Could that change? Young people do want bikes. They may start buying them.

In one study, out of a group of people who said they did not yet have a motorcycle license but wanted to get one, 64% of them were 34 years old or younger. This demonstrates that there’s little issue with young people “not caring” about motorcycles or not being interested.

It just comes back to money. Young people have a lot of debt from going to college. They have seen rent rise so quickly that they can hardly keep up. They just do not have the disposable income that people their age had in 1990 and previous decades. That’s the reason for the change in the age of the average rider.

Regardless of your age, if you ride a motorcycle, you need to make sure you understand your rights to compensation after an accident.