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What you should never do around a tailgater

Encountering a tailgater is frustrating, and sometimes, frightening. You know just how dangerous these aggressive drivers can be. They cause serious accidents that put people in the hospital.

If someone starts driving too close to your car, whether they’re acting aggressively on purpose or just ignorant of how dangerous it is, here are a few things you should never do:

  • Do not try to “brake check” the driver by sharply hitting your brakes. This doesn’t get them to back off; it just makes them angry and escalates the situation. You also risk causing an accident yourself.
  • Do not speed up so that you’re driving as fast as they want you to drive. What they want does not matter. Never put yourself in danger on their account.
  • Do not drive in the left lane if it’s a passing lane, such as on the interstate. Always stay to the right and let others pass on the left.
  • Do not get distracted. Always try to stay focused on your own driving.
  • Do not hesitate to let them pass safely if you can do so. Some drivers never want to let others pass, as if it’s a point of pride, but the best thing you can do with a tailgater is just to move over and let them continue. This takes you out of immediate danger and reduces the risk of an accident.

All this information can help you, but there is still a chance that accidents will happen. If you suffer injuries, you need to know exactly what rights you may have to financial compensation.