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Workers face risks as it grows colder

As we move into the colder half of the year, with the late fall and winter months fast approaching, it is important to note that construction workers — and all those who work outside — face some increased risks. Working in falling temperatures can lead to injury.

Naturally, as the snow and ice arrive, the risks go up. Workers can slip and fall. They can get into car accidents. Everything grows slick and dangerous and unpredictable. Many people get hurt in these conditions every year.

But even before that, there is an increased risk. For instance, did you know that dropping temperatures can lead to dehydration? Improper hydration increases injury risks for strains and muscular issues. If taken far enough, it can even make you feel weak, disoriented, dizzy and confused. All of that can lead to a fall, a mistake with heavy machinery, or some other serious issue.

The cold can also decrease performance and slow workers down as they become uncomfortable. The problem is that deadlines and schedules do not always reflect this. As a result, a supervisor could push workers to hurry and rush so that they can get back on track. As always, rushing can lead to mistakes, accidents and injuries. Workers may even feel pressured to overlook clear safety standards in order to get the job done more quickly, putting them in additional danger during a time of year that is already risky.

If you get hurt on the job this year, make sure you are well aware of all of the rights you have and what steps you can take.