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Are motorcycles safer than full-size vehicles?

When deciding if you should buy a motorcycle or not, safety is your main focus. You know this sounds like a fun, engaging means of transportation, but is it more dangerous than driving a car? Or is it actually safer?

Experts have been debating it for a long time, and there are two basic perspectives. The first is that motorcycles are far more dangerous. If you crash, virtually your only protection is your helmet. Motorcycle accidents are far more likely to lead to serious injuries and fatalities than car accidents.

The other side of the coin, though, is that motorcyclists have agile vehicles and a wider range of vision without blind spots. They can start and stop quickly. They take up less of the roadway. All of this means that a motorcyclist may have a better chance of spotting a hazard on the road and avoiding it. From this perspective, motorcycles are safer because they prevent accidents from happening.

There is one flaw in this reasoning, however. You cannot always avoid accidents. You’re not the only one in control of whether or not you crash. When other drivers make mistakes, they can cause accidents that you can’t avoid. To some degree, you’re only as safe as the most reckless, careless driver on the road. With distracted driving, drunk driving, teen drivers and more hazards, is that really a risk that you want to take?

If you do get injured in an accident while on your motorcycle, make sure you know how to seek out financial compensation for all of your substantial medical bills.