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Add weight to your slip-and-fall case with strong evidence

When another party’s negligence leads to a severe injury, victims have the right to pursue restitution. Filing an injury claim based on negligence is a typical solution because it yields results for the victim. The financial compensation acquired through a successful injury claim mitigates many of the losses a victim suffers. For example, such compensation can help pay medical bills and replace out-of-pocket costs for the victim.

Slip-and-fall accidents leading to significant injuries occur much more frequently than many believe. While a simple scrape or a bruise is a common result of these accidents, there are times when head wounds, compound bone breaks or other serious injuries may also occur. These more serious injuries often require hospitalization, surgery or other costly medical treatments.

For many Illinois residents, acquiring restitution for negligent slip-and-fall accident injuries is the best way to pay for these treatments. However, successful claims for slip-and-fall accidents require proof. Injury attorneys, like those in our law firm, can do much to strengthen slip-and-fall claims, but you can do your own part to help by collecting and saving evidence.

  • Save all medical bills and payment receipts associated with your injury treatment.
  • Take photos of the slip-and-fall scene, preferably under the same conditions that were present when you fell (time of day, lighting, etc.)
  • If possible, collect statements from those who witnessed the slip-and-fall accident.

Bring the evidence above to a lawyer who can help you build a strong and successful claim. These are the first important steps to take after a serious injury. The attorney you choose can help you identify and gather other evidence to further strengthen your claim.

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