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Prevention of falls is critical in construction

Construction workers need a safe work environment when they’re working. One of the most serious risks they face is falling from an above-ground height. There are more than 300 workers killed and over 10,350 injured each year from falls.

There are many areas that employers need to think about when they’re planning for the safety of employees. The top locations of falls are from scaffolding, roofs and ladders. Before each shift, the equipment should be inspected by someone who is familiar with it. Typically, this is going to be a supervisor, but they might pass the duty on to another person.

The person who is climbing should know how to do so safely. They should have a fall arrest device if one is needed for the job. These must be in good condition and set to where they will prevent the person from hitting the ground with a full impact.

An often unthought of factor in these cases is the weather. You can’t only consider wind speed on the ground when you’re working at heights. The higher you are, the faster the wind is likely to be so take this into consideration when you’re planning a job.

The injuries that occur during a fall can be serious. These workers likely need urgent medical care and they may miss time from work. It is imperative that they understand their right to workers’ compensation in these cases. This can help them avoid the high costs of medical care. It can also provide them with a temporary partial income if they’re unable to return to work right away.