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Construction’s fatal four must be addressed

Construction workers need safe sites to work. When they don’t have this, they can suffer grave injuries that might lead to death. Because of the seriousness of these four causes of accidents, it is imperative that all construction companies set protocol to help reduce the chance of them happening.

Falls account for around 36% of all construction worker deaths. Any worker who’s working above ground level should have proper fall arrest equipment or utilize optimal safety procedures. This includes using the three point of contact rule when climbing ladders.

Being struck by objects causes around 10% of worker deaths. Most commonly, these deaths are the result of events like something swinging or an item falling. Equipment malfunctions and being struck by a piece of equipment or a vehicle are also included in this category.

Electrocutions lead to around 9% of fatalities in the construction industry. Exposed writing, wet conditions near electricity and overhead powerline contact are common causes of electrocutions. Using proper lockout/tagout procedures and common sense can help prevent a lot of these issues.

Being caught in or between things contributes to around 3% of fatal construction worker accidents. Because trench collapses and getting stuck in moving components of equipment are included in this category.

Workers who suffer injuries from these causes and the family members of those who suffer fatal injuries can choose to seek compensation for the incident and its damages. This is done through workers’ compensation unless there is a third-party issue, such as defective equipment, that led to the accident. In that case, the person might opt to file a lawsuit against that third party.