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Which risk factors contribute to teen car accidents?

Parents of teen drivers often spend hours worrying about their child’s safety. It is natural to worry when your children are out of the home, but some parents may have extra cause for concern. Car accidents involving teens are common in the Aurora region of Illinois. The outcome of these crashes leaves many victims suffering from severe injuries.

Aside from simple inexperience, what is it that causes so many teen accidents? According to research, many risk factors cause or contribute to car accidents involving teenagers.

  • Impairment: Driving while impaired is a huge risk factor for all ages, especially for young drivers who are not accustomed to the effects of intoxicating substances.
  • Pressure: Social or peer pressure often leads to dangerous risk-taking activities such as excessive speeding.
  • Nighttime: Driving at night appears to contribute to the volume of teen-involved car accidents.
  • Passengers: Transporting other youths also contributes to teen car accidents. 
  • Gender: Male teens typically experience more car accidents than young female drivers do, especially if they are transporting young male passengers.
  • Distractions: From cell phone use to eating while driving, distractions lead to many teen crashes.
  • Combinations: In many cases, young motorists engage in several risk factors at once (e.g. speeding and drunk driving), increasing their odds of a crash.

Of course, not all youths cause car accidents. Just like adults, they can be the victim of another motorist’s negligence. Worsening this type of scenario, a teen’s inexperience when facing a dangerous situation on the road likely increases their risk of suffering a serious injury

If you were harmed by a negligent teen motorist or if your child was injured through roadway negligence, consider seeking a legal review. In many cases, you can acquire significant compensation to help you manage the expenses that come with car accident injuries.