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Children injured in accident without seat belts

A car crashed in Illinois on Saturday, April 18. There were four occupants in the car at the time: A woman, who was driving, and three children. The youngest child was 6 years old. The other two were 15 years old and 17 years old. The youngest was a girl, while the others were two boys. Their relationship to the driver has not been noted.

The 45-year-old woman at the wheel apparently lost control of the car. She first drove onto the shoulder, then tried to correct and drove over both lanes. The car left the road again and rolled.

As it rolled, the driver was thrown from the vehicle. So was one of the children, though the Illinois State Police did not say which one. They did note that the child and the driver did not have their seat belts on, and they were still trying to determine if the other two children were not ejected because they were wearing their belts.

In any case, all four suffered injuries. The emergency crews took them all to the hospital for treatment. Police did say that charges against the adult driver were pending.

It is very important for adults to take safety seriously, especially when it comes to minor passengers in their cars. If your child has been injured in a wreck while riding with another adult, especially if that adult broke safety laws or neglected to keep the children protected, you must know exactly what legal rights you may have to seek financial compensation.