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Workers should have protections against the “Fatal 4”

Construction workers face many hazards on the job site. There isn’t any reason why employers should allow those dangers to go unchecked. For too many workers, a lack of safety protocol and inappropriate safety gear lead to incidents that cause death or catastrophic injuries.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) data points to four specific types of accidents that lead to the vast majority of fatal construction accidents. The agency calls these the “Fatal Four.” They include:

  • #1: Falls cause 36.5% of fatalities in this industry.
  • #2: Being struck by an object leads to around 10.1% of deaths.
  • #3: Electrocutions are the reason for around 8.6% of fatal incidents.
  • #4: Being caught in or between things results in around 2.5% of deadly events.

Because these are so deadly, there are OSHA regulations that employers must comply with to help combat these. Companies that fail to do so can face citations for those violations. While this isn’t going to do much for a worker who’s already injured, it may help prevent future fatalities since the company will have to rectify the deficiencies. Any worker who knows that a company isn’t complying with OSHA regulations can report that information in an attempt to make the workplace safer for everyone.

Across all industries, an average of 12 workers are killed each day in this country. While this is a reduction from where it was years ago, it is still unacceptable. Any worker who suffers a serious injury and the immediate family members of workers who perish in a work-related incident can turn to workers’ compensation to find out what benefits are due to them. This might be easier to navigate if you work with someone knowledgeable about the process.