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How big is the risk of a fatal crash with a commercial truck?

Driving very close to big trucks can seem scary, but is it really as risky as you think? After all, large commercial vehicles have drivers with more experience and training than the average driver.

Most of the big commercial trucks on the American roads are maintained as part of a commercial fleet, which means they have regular inspections and maintenance. Some people might think that despite their frightening size, commercial trucks aren’t really as dangerous as people like to believe.

However, a quick look at crash and vehicle statistics makes it very clear that commercial trucks are one of the biggest dangers on the road.

Commercial trucks cause a disproportionate amount of crashes

Americans love passenger vehicles. In 2018, there were more than 273 million passenger vehicles registered for travel on the roads across the United States. In comparison, there are only about 2 million commercial trucks registered. That means that commercial trucks represent less than 1% of the total vehicles in the United States. However, they are involved in a staggering 11% of all fatal crashes.

Bigger vehicles can cause bigger damage as well

A commercial truck can easily weigh 20 times what a passenger vehicle weighs, which might mean that the big truck causes the total destruction of the smaller vehicle in a crash.

Those who suffer significant injuries in commercial vehicle crashes or who lose a loved one because of a trucking crash may be able to bring a claim against the driver or company responsible for the collision, depending on the circumstances.