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Pallet collapse injures three in Aurora

We go work and enter businesses every day. And, when we enter our workplace or a business generally, we expect it to be safe. We do not expect items to fall on us or objects in walkways to trip on. Unfortunately, that was the case at a local business recently where a potential slip-and-fall accident (premises liability) or construction accident occurred.

Multiple people injured in the pallet collapse

The story painted by Aurora Firefighters is not entirely clear. Reports indicate that last week (Wednesday), the firefighters rescued a person from underneath a pile of collapsed pallets. The incident occurred at a business on the 900 block of Bilter Road.

Originally, the report was that multiple people were trapped under the collapsed pallets at the business. However, when the firefighters arrived, they treated two people with minor injuries, who were taken to area hospitals. One person was trapped under the collapsed pallets. That person was rushed to a local hospital with serious, potentially, life-threatening injuries.

The consequences

It is unclear whether this is an incident of premises liability, where pallets collapsed on customers, whether customers slipped and fell on the collapsed pallets or whether workers were injured in a construction accident or workplace accident. Nonetheless, the business and property owner, if different, may face liability, depending on the circumstances, of course.

Businesses owe a duty to their workers and customers to provide a safe space to conduct business. If it is found that this pile of pallets should not have existed, or if the pallets were negligently stacked, the business and property owner, if different, could be held responsible for the three people injured in this incident.

This is why contacting an attorney immediately after these types of accidents is so important. Since there does not appear to be a police investigation into the incident, an attorney can conduct an investigation to see what happened and who is responsible. If there are responsible parties, they can be held to account in a lawsuit.