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Why don’t we take car accidents more seriously?

Car accidents are so common. Every year, more than 37,000 people die in these accidents. And yet everyone continues to drive as if it’s not dangerous at all. 

Think about the things people do fear. For instance, have you ever talked to someone who was going hiking or camping and talking about bringing bear spray or a handgun with them? People often worry about bear attacks. But how often do they happen? Just a handful to times per year. According to one study, there are about two deaths per year from bear attacks. 

So, say that 38,000 people died in car accidents in 2019. It would take 19,000 years to lose as many people to bear attacks as we lost to car accidents in just 12 months. 

There are many other relatively irrational fears. Those who vacation at the ocean or on tropical islands often worry about shark attacks. Many travelers fear flying. However, you’re vastly less likely to die in either of these events. 

Some believe that evolution is to blame. Over the course of human history, the odds of being killed in a fall or by a predator were very high. Cars are still very new. While we know this rationally, there is a deep-seated fear of these older threats that people just can’t shake, even when they know that modern issues are far more dangerous. 

As long as this outlook remains, people are still going to drive dangerously and cause accidents. If you get injured in one of these accidents, be sure you know what legal steps to take to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.