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Avoiding winter accidents in Illinois

Freezing rain and snowstorms are not uncommon in Illinois during the winter months, and they usually cause a rash of serious traffic accidents. According to the American Automobile Association, about 2,000 people die each year in the United States in motor vehicle accidents caused by winter weather. While less than ideal road conditions may be inevitable when days grow short and temperatures plummet, being involved in a crash can usually be avoided if motorists take proper precautions and drive with extra care.

Be prepared

The best thing drivers can do to increase their chances of completing winter journeys safely is make sure that their vehicles are capable of dealing with wet and icy conditions. Tires should be checked for adequate tread and proper inflation, and safety systems like brakes and lights should be inspected regularly. Before setting out, drivers should consult weather reports to find out what kind of road and traffic conditions they can expect to encounter.

Slow down

Once behind the wheel, drivers should slow down and maintain longer than normal distances to give themselves more time to react to emergency situations. They should also keep distractions to a minimum. This means not consuming food or drinks or engaging in conversations while their vehicles are in motion. Using cellphones and programming navigation systems can be especially distracting, so drivers should find a safe place to pull over before performing these tasks.

Car accident lawsuits

When their clients have been injured in a motor vehicle accident that took place during or shortly after a winter storm, experienced personal injury attorneys may study the police report carefully for evidence of reckless behavior that could be used to establish negligence in court. Attorneys could also call for the vehicle driven by the negligent party to be inspected for signs of poor maintenance or inadequate repairs.