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Does driver-assisted technology contribute to safe truck driving?

Truck accidents could cause severe injuries and even death. However, the truck itself might not pose the most danger. A driver’s behavior may contribute to an accident. Unfortunately, even careful professional truck drivers may become distracted and cause an accident. Modern “driver-assistance” technology might support safe driving, but the primary responsibility for the vehicle’s operation stays with the driver.

Help from driver-assisted technology

Modern vehicles often come with advanced technology intended to potentially reduce accidents. Blind-spot monitors, rearview cameras, lane departure warnings and automatic high beam headlights are among these tech features. Older trucks might not have the most advanced technology, and federal law doesn’t mandate them.

A trucking safety group wants to change things by pushing for a mandate. Even with an order and a significant expansion of driver-assisted technology, truck accident numbers might not decrease as much as people hope. Driver negligence and error may factor in a crash.

Truck drivers who drive impaired due to fatigue or chemical substances may suffer from weak concentration. Lack of attention may extend to technology alerts. A lane departure warning may go off, but an impaired driver might never notice it.

Relying only on driver-assistance technology and negligence

A blind-spot monitor could cut down on the chances of hitting a car or pedestrian when changing lanes. Drivers must still follow the laws of the road. Driving within the speed limit, using turn signals, physically checking mirrors and looking at the lane all factor into safe behavior. Drivers who fail to follow both the law and good driving habits might be held liable.

Driver-assisted technology intends to improve safety and reduce passenger vehicle and truck accidents. Drivers may still find themselves liable for accidents if they are negligent. Persons injured in a truck accident may wish to discuss their situation with an attorney.