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What are some of the causes of truck accidents?

News reports about truck accidents may frighten people who travel on Illinois highways. Truck accidents could cause incredible damage to other vehicles thanks to the vehicles’ massive dimensions. Professional truck drivers may know more about operating a vehicle safely due to their training and experience, but negligence and bad decisions could lead to a truck crash.

Common reasons for a truck accident

Not surprisingly, moving violations and “driver errors” contribute to a significant number of truck collisions. A truck driver might feel impatient about delivering cargo. Regardless, decisions to make illegal turns, fail to come to a complete stop at a stop sign or drive at excessive speed may reflect negligence. The potential to cause an accident can increase dramatically when a truck driver chooses to violate traffic laws.

Unfortunately, even the safest driver may put others at risk when driving fatigued. Truck drivers putting in long hours might be a too tired to operate a truck safely. Some might even ignore statutes and regulations mandating breaks. Drowsy driving won’t likely serve as a decent defense to a lawsuit, and violating the law might put a truck driver into an even worse position.

Other reasons for truck accidents

Driving under the influence may lead to disastrous collisions. Not every DUI involves alcohol or recreational drugs; a truck driver may take painkillers, amphetamines or other drugs to enhance performance or treat illness. Sadly, the result may be decreased performance.

The location and nature of the job may also play a role. Drivers choosing to move too fast through work zones might crash into a truck. Conversely, a truck that operates unsafely could crash into commuters.

Injuries from truck accidents could leave victims with tremendous medical bills and intense pain and suffering. Victims may benefit from discussing insurance claims or a lawsuit with a personal injury attorney.