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Are trucks at a higher risk of getting into accidents?

Both trucks and semi-trucks are at a higher risk of getting into accidents compared to other types of cars and SUVs. The risks that lead to trucking accidents in Illinois include fatigued driving, distracted driving and speeding. The larger size of trucks can also lead to less visibility compared to other types of cars.

Trucks are also at a higher risk of getting into accidents because they take longer to stop. The weight and size of the truck can make the vehicle more challenging to maneuver.

How to reduce the risk of a truck accident

If you want to reduce the risk of getting into a truck accident, it’s important to practice defensive driving and always scan the road ahead of you. Look for hazards that may be present, such as trucks or vehicles stopped on the shoulder. It’s also important to practice the four-second rule to avoid driving too closely behind the car in front of you.

Reducing your speed in harsh weather conditions when the roads are slippery will offer added safety. It’s also necessary to avoid driving long distances while you’re fatigued. Pull over at a rest stop to take a nap if you feel tired to avoid car accidents.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you’re involved in a truck collision, contact an attorney who has experience handling similar cases. You may learn more about your rights and have your questions about the claims process answered. A legal professional may review the details and evidence of the case to help you pursue the compensation you deserve, such as for medical bills and lost wages due to the accident.