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Four-year sentence in fatal Illinois car accident

When negligence or recklessness injures or takes the life of someone you love, it is natural to want the person responsible to pay for his or her careless behavior. In many cases, criminal law does a good job of holding negligent parties to account. However, sometimes this does not assuage the suffering of those involved in the incident. This is when an attorney can provide you with additional legal remedies.

In a car accident, how safe are rear-seat passengers?

For many years, safety experts reported that adult passengers seated in the rear seat of a vehicle were safer than front-seat occupants were. As such, not much attention has been given to rear-seat safety in recent years. However, many crash researchers feel that the time has come to improve vehicle safety for those riding in the back of vehicles.

Can I receive pain and suffering damages in a car accident?

Those injured in a car accident soon discover that the effects of the accident go far beyond physical injury. Ongoing pain, emotional trauma and the challenges of simply trying to go on with life after an accident can pile up on a victim and negatively affect his or her way of life. If the injuries were particularly catastrophic, the victim will likely deal with pain and continuing medical care indefinitely.

A word about car accidents and driverless vehicles

The concept of an autonomous motor vehicle is one of the most talked-about topics in recent years. It appears that the nation remains divided on whether these vehicles make traveling by road safer or more dangerous. After recent fatalities involving driverless cars, controversy over the concept has risen even more in Illinois where many car accidents occur each year.

The science behind car seat policies for small children

Did you know that there is scientific evidence to support the most recent child car seat recommendations? Many believe these policies are simple guidelines with no basis in fact, but this belief is far from the truth. Child safety professionals and organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) perform research and stringent testing to arrive at these recommendations.

Does crash avoidance technology live up to the hype?

Advanced automobile technology usually means increased vehicle costs, but when weighed against car accident risks, the extra cost might be justified. In response to consumer demand for safer automobiles, car makers are now installing technology systems that help drivers avoid crashes.

What factors increase the risk of teen car accidents?

Anyone can experience a car accident, but some age groups are more at risk for an accident than other age groups. Teens and young adults are two of the age groups that typically experience a higher rate of car accidents. The reasons for this discrepancy are many, with one of the most common involving a lack of experience.

25 percent of rear-end crashes have one thing in common

Rear-end car accidents are terrifying because there's often little you can do to avoid them. You're sitting in traffic at a red light, for instance, with cars on both sides of you. You see that the car in your mirror is coming up way too fast, but where do you go? With other vehicles on all sides, you can just brace for impact.

Tips to fight off post-accident shock

You're in a car accident, and you're in shock afterward. Certainly, the mental component can be debilitating, but there are also the physical issues to deal with. These include things like a surge in adrenaline and cortisol, rising blood pressure, an increasing heart rate and slight shaking.

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