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Protecting Victims Of Drunk Driving Accidents

Did another driver’s decision to get behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol cause your car accident? Were you or a passenger seriously injured? Did you lose a loved one to an accident involving an intoxicated driver?

If any of these scenarios apply to you, wouldn’t you like to make sure the negligent driver is held accountable and see that the financial needs of your family are met?

Helping Accident Victims Hold Negligent Drivers Accountable

At Amoni Law Offices, P.C., we work with drunk driving accident victims across the Chicago metro area to pursue full compensation for their injuries. Whether you or a loved one suffered minor or debilitating injuries or you lost a loved one in a fatal accident, we will stand with you and see that negligent parties are held responsible.

Our attorney will help you secure compensation to cover:

  • Medical bills for immediate treatment as well as any long-term therapy or treatment you may require
  • Disability or loss of a normal life
  • Lost wages from being forced to miss work
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • If the facts support it, we may also pursue punitive damages

With more than 30 years of experience handling all types of auto injury claims, we know what it takes to secure full and fair compensation. From the outset, we gather evidence that is crucial to building a strong car accident claim. We have access to accident reconstruction experts, medical professionals and others who can substantiate your injuries and determine whether the other party’s negligence contributed to the wreck. We can also determine whether a third party, such as a bar or restaurant, overserved the driver who caused the accident and pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

Don’t Be A Victim Twice – Contact Us

It’s important to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer after a serious auto accident. At Amoni Law Offices, P.C., we will be your support and representatives throughout your case. Call our Aurora, Illinois, law office to schedule a free consultation at 630-518-4438 or reach us via email. We handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay nothing unless we recover on your behalf.