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An Aurora Firm Protecting Victims Of Dog Bites And Animal Attacks

After suffering a serious dog bite or another type of domesticated animal attack, the physical scars may heal with time, but the emotional trauma of the event may linger for a lifetime.

Helping You Recover After A Traumatic Experience

At Amoni Law Offices, P.C., we have years of experience handling dog bite and animal attack cases on behalf of individuals and families in Aurora and throughout the Chicago metro area. We have witnessed firsthand the physical and psychological trauma these types of cases can cause. We look to help our clients secure full and fair compensation under Illinois laws overseeing dog bites and other premises liability matters.

The law deals with many animal-related injuries such as:

  • Animals with dangerous propensities
  • Animals declared dangerous by Illinois statutes
  • Domestic animals (for example, livestock on a country road) running at large
  • Owners and keepers of dogs and other animals (Illinois Animal Control Act)

Dog bites are likely the most common source of animal-related injuries. Generally, if a person is peaceably conducting himself in a place where he has the lawful right to be, the person who owns or keeps the dog or other animal is liable in damages for the full amount of the injury suffered.

In many cases, the most serious dog bites or animal attacks involve young children. These incidents can have some of the most devastating consequences. Children who may be too young or weak to fight off a large dog can suffer serious physical injuries that in some cases may result in death. If your child has been attacked by a dog or other animal, reach out and schedule a free consultation with an experienced animal attack injury lawyer.

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