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Commercial trucks are heavy, but how heavy can they get?

If you find yourself cringing when a big commercial truck approaches your vehicle from any direction, you are not alone. Sharing the roads with these hulking giants is frightening, especially if you stay up-to-date about the number of truck accidents that occur in Illinois.

Many motorists operating regular-sized cars and pickups dread these encounters and invoke whatever superstition, like crossing their fingers, they can think of that might keep them safe.

Heights of home upkeep can be hazardous with faulty equipment

It's summer. The Illinois ice is gone and homeowners have a lot of do-it-yourself chores to attend to. Much of the jobs may take them to the heights of maintenance work, several stories up, and the easiest way to reach the necessary altitudes involves the use of ladders. Are you prepared to use them properly, which is to say, safely?

Four-year sentence in fatal Illinois car accident

When negligence or recklessness injures or takes the life of someone you love, it is natural to want the person responsible to pay for his or her careless behavior. In many cases, criminal law does a good job of holding negligent parties to account. However, sometimes this does not assuage the suffering of those involved in the incident. This is when an attorney can provide you with additional legal remedies.

Car accidents caused by intoxicated motorists are among the top reasons Illinois residents lose a loved one to negligence. The recent sentencing of a motorist who killed one man and injured two other people in a crash highlights the tragedy surrounding reckless driving.

Rear end motorcycle accidents often cause devastating injuries

Motorcycle enthusiasts understand that this beloved pastime and preferred method of transport can result in tragedy. Even when bike riders exercise extreme caution, a negligent motorist can put riders in serious danger. With another hot summer in Illinois in full swing, we thought it was a great time to remind riders to keep an eye on what is going on behind them.

Unlike cars and trucks, motorcycles do not have a steel frame to protect them if a motorcycle accident occurs. If a vehicle is traveling at high speed and strikes a motorbike in the rear, the operator can suffer severe injuries like the ones below.

Worker safety hazards associated with construction cranes

When you look around, you see beautiful architecture in the buildings that contribute to our area's commercial success. It seems like a miracle that ordinary men and women are able to construct these impressive buildings. These structures are not miraculous. They are the product of worker skill, training, dedication and talent.

In addition to skill, workers must rely on tools and equipment to help them meet their goals. One of the most common pieces of equipment used in constructing large buildings is the crane. However, these machines can also result in construction accidents that claim lives, limbs and quality of life. Below are three safety hazards related to the use of construction cranes.

In a car accident, how safe are rear-seat passengers?

For many years, safety experts reported that adult passengers seated in the rear seat of a vehicle were safer than front-seat occupants were. As such, not much attention has been given to rear-seat safety in recent years. However, many crash researchers feel that the time has come to improve vehicle safety for those riding in the back of vehicles.

Over the past two decades, the overall survival rate for those involved in car accidents has improved, especially for front-seat occupants. Unfortunately, carmakers have not made many advancements to protect rear-seat passengers more effectively. Because of this lack of attention, the rear seat is no longer the safest place to be if you are an adult involved in a car accident.

You may need to sue many parties after a truck accident

Any traffic accident has the potential to disrupt and devastate the lives of those involved. For drivers and passengers who are involved in accidents involving large commercial trucks, the recovery and claims process is often much more complicated.

When it comes to determining who bears legal responsibility for damages and injuries after a truck accident, there may be many negligent parties. As you explore your legal options, it is important to take great care to identify and include all potential defendants in your personal injury claim

Trucking companies often create ideal truck accident conditions

Operator error is one of the main contributors to commercial truck accidents in Illinois. However, sometimes the fault for an accident falls more on the trucking company than the driver. Many commercial vehicle companies across the country create ideal conditions that could lead to a serious truck accident. Victims injured in such a collision need to know this information, especially if they are seeking a legal remedy for their suffering.

Think about it this way: A truck driver is usually just an employee attempting to follow any conditions set forth by the company for which he or she works. If the company pressures its drivers in just the right way, it could lead the operators to ignore certain safety conditions.

Motorcycle accidents: Benefitting from a survivor's experiences

Many of the discussions available online about motorcycle safety lack one critical element -- victim experience. It is great that law enforcement agencies, cycle manufacturers and research personnel offer so many valuable tips about staying safe. Illinois motorcycle enthusiasts should certainly take advantage of such information. However, sometimes it takes a victim's perspective to get to the root of improving your personal safety.

This post offers a wealth of candid information one survivor learned from his numerous motorcycle accidents. When viewed in the context of preventing injury and death, these talking points can make a big difference in how you approach motorcycle safety going forward.

Can I receive pain and suffering damages in a car accident?

Those injured in a car accident soon discover that the effects of the accident go far beyond physical injury. Ongoing pain, emotional trauma and the challenges of simply trying to go on with life after an accident can pile up on a victim and negatively affect his or her way of life. If the injuries were particularly catastrophic, the victim will likely deal with pain and continuing medical care indefinitely.

All of these things add to a car accident victim's pain and suffering. Because a driver or even a car manufacturer caused this trauma, victims often feel a strong need to do something about their situation. Legal remedies provide them with the means to hold all parties responsible for their injuries to account. An example of such a remedy is to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault motorist.

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