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How high are car accident fatalities?

Have you ever heard someone say that "driving is the most dangerous thing you do?" Maybe it struck a chord with you because you spend a lot of time on the road, and you want to know what types of risks you face. Maybe it made you shake your head in disagreement because you generally feel safe on the road.

No matter how you felt, the best thing you can do is to look at the actual statistics. What they tell you is concerning, to put it lightly.

Car crash victims often suffer from hidden injuries

On any given day, most of us drive a vehicle or ride in one at some point. Between commuting to work, transporting children to school and other activities, and running essential errands, most of us may experience a car accident at any time. When car accidents occur, the victims may not know exactly how to respond, and may overlook injuries that do not cause pain or present visible symptoms like bleeding, broken bones or bruising.

Delayed-onset injuries may not cause any pain for a few hours, or even several days, in some instances. This is precisely why all victims of car accidents should receive a complete medical examination from a qualified medical professional as soon as possible. Without a complete medical examination, victims may not realize that they have injuries at all, allowing the injuries to get worse before they cause pain or harm the victim in some way. A complete medical examination can find hidden injuries and help a victim seek the treatment they need, keeping their best interests protected during their recovery.

Driving tips as kids head back to school

It's fall, so kids are back in school. Suddenly, there is a lot more morning traffic -- or, at least, the traffic patterns have changed. You see an increase in teen drivers in the morning, and you also have a lot of parents bringing younger kids to school.

The risk is greater of an accident. Here are a few tips to avoid an accident:

  • If you can, consider carpooling. If everyone did this with just one other family, it could cut the traffic levels in half. That alone makes the accident risk lower.
  • Always take the children all the way to the school. Parents may feel tempted to park on the other side of the street where the traffic isn't as heavy. However, there is a risk of pedestrian injuries with many kids crossing the road.
  • Never double park. Yes, the lot may get full and you may be in a hurry, but double parking is illegal and dangerous. It reduces visibility, and it can cause both accidents and road rage.
  • Pay close attention in the school zone. Understand that kids are unpredictable. Drive slower. Watch the crosswalks. Look for crossing guards. Keep your mind on what you are doing. Never use your phone when you are driving around schools.

Do drivers actually see motorcycles?

When a motorcycle accident happens, there is sometimes a fair amount of confusion. The driver of the car insists that they never saw the bike, sometimes assuming that the motorcyclist must have been speeding. The rider, on the other hand, insists that the driver looked right at them and must have seen them. Who is right?

The strange reality is that they may both be right. Studies have found that the human eye often cannot process information fast enough, especially with small and unexpected objects -- like a motorcycle -- to make what it sees really lodge in the person's brain. In some cases, that person sees what they remember or what they expect to see, not what is really there.

If you do this, you won't cause a rear-end crash

You've probably heard that a rear-end accident is almost always the fault of the rear driver, so it's definitely something you want to avoid. The risk increases at stoplights, in traffic jams, in work zones and in poor weather conditions, but it can happen anywhere. Here are a few tips that can prevent a crash.

  1. Do not allow yourself to get distracted. Don't look at your phone. Don't take your eyes off of the road.
  2. Never drive too close to the next car. If you're unsure how close is safe, just give more distance than you think you need.
  3. Consider the weather and the driving conditions. In rain or snow, leave even more space.

These tips can help you, but can you avoid a crash caused by the driver behind you? Sometimes. A few tips include:

  1. Paying close attention to your mirrors.
  2. Letting tailgaters pass you if possible.
  3. Braking slowly to give them more time to react.
  4. Watching carefully when you hit the brakes to see if they also slow down.
  5. Doing routine maintenance to ensure that your brake lights work properly.
  6. Understanding where you're going in advance so that you never have to slam on the brakes at the last second.

Will your helmet protect you in a motorcycle accident?

Despite operator caution and skill, motorcycle accidents continue to plague many Illinois residents. The injuries suffered in these crashes are typically catastrophic or even fatal. Many law blogs focus on ways to avoid motorcycle accidents as well as legal steps to take in the aftermath of a crash. These discussions are important, but it is also beneficial to talk about ways to escape serious injury when it is not possible to avoid an accident.

Wearing the right helmet can save your life. It protects your head and your brain during collisions with pavement, vehicles and other objects. With so many different kinds of helmets on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? The following section contains information about several types of helmets for cruising or for commuting.

Why rolling through a red light is so dangerous

When people are in a hurry, they often roll through a red light to make a right-hand turn. They know that they're allowed to turn right on red if there is no other traffic. Instead of coming to a complete stop and then proceeding, though, they just roll toward the light and look for other traffic as the car keeps moving.

This is dangerous on many levels. For instance, imagine that it goes like this:

Investigate all forms of compensation after a serious truck crash

Liability insurance coverage is not just a federally mandated requirement for all motorists. It is one of the best ways for victims to acquire at least some financial compensation after a crash. As you might expect, having liability insurance is particularly important for truck drivers and/or trucking companies. This is because truck accidents between large trucks and smaller passenger vehicles typically result in severe physical harm.

Our attorneys know how desperately Illinois truck accident victims need compensation after a collision. Without adequate finances, these victims cannot get all of the medical care they may need to make a full recovery. Unfortunately, even the insurance payout victims do acquire is still not enough to meet their financial needs in many cases.

Avoid crashes by understanding stop sign and signal use

There are many times when car crashes could be avoided. From someone running a stop sign to a person crossing the center line, there are countless instances where simple mistakes lead to serious crashes.

As someone who has been hit, it's important to know what you can or cannot do on the roads. Sometimes, reviewing common causes of accidents can help you avoid further collisions in the future, because you'll be able to look for others who are making simple mistakes.

What is jumping a red light?

Have you ever ridden with someone likes to "jump the light?" If this isn't something you have ever done, the term itself may be foreign to you, but odds are you have seen it happen countless times.

Essentially, it just means stopping at a red light and then starting to drive again right before it turns green -- but while it is still red. Drivers try to anticipate the change and get off of the line just slightly before that switch so that, by the time it really turns green, they're already up to speed and moving through the intersection.

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