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Backing up is dangerous at a construction site

Using pickup trucks, dump trucks and other types of heavy machinery is something you cannot always avoid on a construction site. As helpful as these vehicles are, they also pose some fairly significant threats to workers -- especially when they are backing up.

Remember that a construction site can be a relatively chaotic place, with many workers on the ground and no clearly defined places for vehicles to move. There's not the separation that you get with roads and sidewalks. Workers and vehicles move in the same spaces and operate in close proximity to one another.

8 key tips after a car accident

Maybe you have not gotten into a serious car accident yet, but you have seen the statistics. Thousands of people will lose their lives or suffer significant injuries in Illinois this year. You know that one of them could be you.

What you don't know is exactly what you should do after a crash. You do not just want to let panic and shock take over. Familiarize yourself with the following tips, which can then guide you through the process if you do get into a wreck. You should:

  1. Not leave the scene, other than moving your car out of traffic.
  2. Check on everyone in your car to make sure they're uninjured.
  3. Call the authorities. Just dial 911 and get police and emergency services on the way.
  4. Get the other driver's insurance information, license plate number and other identifying information.
  5. Take pictures of the cars and the crash scene.
  6. Talk to anyone who saw the crash, asking them to describe it to the police.
  7. Tell your insurance provider that you got into a wreck. They'll tell you what your next steps should be.
  8. Keep track of all of your costs. These could include more than the damage to your car. You also want to track medical treatment, lost wages and other financial impacts.

Young woman dies when Uber gets hit, catches on fire

Tragic news out of Illinois, as a young woman recently died while she was out celebrating her birthday. She was in a rideshare vehicle being driven for Uber when it was involved in an accident.

The woman was in a Hyundai sedan, riding in the back seat. They were driving down the Stevenson Expressway, going south. An Infiniti sedan was driving the same way, behind the Hyundai, and it rear-ended the other car.

Motorcycle accidents, paralysis and depression

A motorcycle accident can lead to paralysis after a head injury, a neck injury or a spinal injury. Even riders with proper personal protection equipment and years of experience can get hurt. All it takes is one mistake by another driver.

For those who do become paralyzed, it is important to note that this physical disorder has often been linked to depression and similar mental/emotional disorders. The prestigious Cleveland Clinic even goes so far as to call depression common after such incidents.

3 steps to stop workplace falls

Statistically, falls lead to a high percentage of injuries and deaths in U.S. workplaces, especially in industries like construction, maintenance and roofing. Workers who fall from varying heights can suffer serious and life-threatening injuries. For individuals who routinely work atop ladders, roofs or scaffolding, it’s important to understand how to protect yourself and reduce the likelihood of being involved in a work-related fall accident.  

The numbers tell the real story with distracted driving

For some drivers, stories about distracted driving just do not do the trick. They understand that it was dangerous for someone else, but they think that they can do a better job. They can avoid an accident. The stories don't make them stop because they don't feel like those stories apply to them.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the numbers and statistics to get a better idea of the big picture. That can help make the real danger a bit clearer.

  • In 2015, around 15% of accidents resulting in injury came from distraction.
  • The same thing was true for about 10% of deadly crashes. In both cases, the real percentages may be higher, as authorities only count cases where distraction could be proven, and that's not always possible.
  • For instance, some authorities think that 27% of crashes happen because people are using their cellphones behind the wheel.
  • Despite safety advances in auto technology, the roads have gotten more dangerous in recent years. For instance, between 2015 and 2016, the number of fatalities went up by 5.6%. A total of 37,461 people died. While not all of those accidents happened due to distraction, something spurred the increase.
  • It's especially a problem for teens, who have a crash rate three times as high as their adult peers. For teens, about 58% of accidents -- fatal or otherwise -- happen because of distraction.

Nothing but time helps with drunk driving

The unfortunate reality is that some drunk drivers think they did enough to get sober when they actually didn't. They just followed some common myths and put everyone in danger.

A cold shower does not make you sober. Neither does a cup of coffee.

Report shows how to make motorcycles safer

Motorcyclists face a lot of risks on America's roads, and it's important to do what we can to keep them safe. There are many ways to do this: training riders, educating drivers, considering road layouts and establishing safety laws and regulations.

Not to be overlooked, though, is the role that manufacturers play in this process. They can take steps to make safer bikes, and one report said they need to:

  • Add enhancing braking to more bikes
  • Work toward widespread availability of stability control systems

Potential issues after a traumatic brain injury in a car accident

It is very hard to predict how a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is going to impact your life after a car accident. It's different for everyone. The specifics of the injury -- how severe it is, how fast you get treatment and what part of the brain gets injured, for instance -- make a big difference.

That said, experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have looked at the overall issue and come up with four areas of potential impact that show up repeatedly. They are:

  1. Motor function: You could see issues with your balance, problems with coordination or feelings of extreme weakness. In some cases, the TBI could lead to paralysis.
  2. Cognitive function: You may have issues with your memory or problems paying attention, for example. In some cases, impairment can be so severe that you need around-the-clock care.
  3. Emotional issues: Getting into an accident is already emotionally trying, but a TBI can make things far worse. Moving forward, you may struggle with depression and anxiety, changes to your personality, issues with impulse control and problems with aggression -- even toward those you love.
  4. Sensation issues: Even areas of the body that were not directly injured could experience sensory issues when the brain gets hurt. Examples include problems seeing, hearing and feeling physical touch.

National Distracted Driving Awareness Month is April in 2019

Distracted driving, often described as an epidemic, continues to plague the roads all over Illinois and the rest of the United States. To help combat it, officials have named April as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

It is about more than just awareness. Reports out of Illinois note that police are planning to increase their patrols and be more vigilant than they are the rest of the year. While they always watch out for distracted driving, it is a special point of emphasis in April. Those who text behind the wheel or otherwise get distracted by their cellphones can get tickets.

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