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What is the right size for a beginner's motorcycle?

You want to start riding a motorcycle, but you're not sure where to begin. What bike should you get? This is brand new for you, and you know there's going to be a learning curve.

It's good that you're thinking over your options. Generally speaking, the safest option is to pick a small bike. The engine size should be either 250cc or 300cc.

Microsleep is real sleep

Have you ever nodded off in class or at work? You're fighting fatigue, feeling like you're zoning out, and suddenly you jerk your head up as you wake up. You didn't fall asleep for long -- just a second or two -- but it's still a very strange and disconcerting event. This is called microsleep.

It's important to note that this is still "real" sleep. Your body does fall asleep, even for such a short time. If you used an EEG (an electroencephalogram) to look at your brain activity during that episode, you would see "a slowing of neural activity" and a drop in muscle tone, just like you'd see "during real sleep" noted one leading neuroscientist. She said that it did not matter that your body only slept for a second or two. It still went through the same experiences that it would if you slept for hours.

Talking to children after a parent gets into a car accident

Your spouse gets into a car accident on the way home from work. By the time you get the call, they're already in the hospital.

While the authorities have to break the news to you, you have an even harder job. You have to break the news to your kids. How do you talk to them about something like this?

10 reasons why construction accidents happen

Every day, construction workers in the U.S. face numerous safety and workplace hazards. The inherent risks associated with working at construction sites has resulted in the construction industry consistently being ranked among the most dangerous.  

Thankfully, there are things that both workers and construction employers can do to prevent accidents and the resulting serious injuries and deaths.

Yes, motorcycle helmets do help

If you're going out for a ride on your motorcycle, wear a helmet. It does make a difference. It does keep you safe.

Is it perfect? Of course not. No safety system is. However, the statistics show that helmets are roughly 67% effective when looking at how they prevent traumatic brain injuries. These injuries could have a life-long impact, leaving you with injuries and impairments that never heal. You can massively reduce that risk just by putting on a helmet.

High-speed accident in older sports car kills one

One person is dead in Illinois after the sports car they were riding in, a 2002 Pontiac Firebird, was involved in an accident.

Per reports out of Illinois, police believe that the Firebird was going down US 51, heading south, when the driver took the car up to a "high rate of speed." While speeding, the car went off of the road and slammed into a culvert.

How quickly does road rash heal?

In a motorcycle accident, road rash can be one of the most painful "minor" injuries you can suffer. It happens when your skin makes direct contact with the pavement and is scraped or torn at that spot. One of the biggest issues determining just how bad this will be is how deep it penetrates below the skin. At high speeds, it could burn through multiple layers of tissue.

For instance, you could suffer road rash if someone cuts your motorcycle off when you have the right of way and you're forced to lay the bike down to avoid a collision. While you may protect yourself from broken bones or a traumatic brain injury, this doesn't mean you're going to simply walk away from the wreck. You may still have some serious injuries to deal with and you may still need emergency medical care.

How much more dangerous is texting and driving?

You hear people say that texting and driving is dangerous. Even so, you know that people still do it all the time. Part of the reason is that they just do not really grasp how much more dangerous it is.

If you had to guess, what would you say? Would you say it doubles your odds of getting into a car accident? Do you think it's twice as dangerous? That sounds like quite a jump. If you could cut your accident odds in half simply by putting the phone away, it just makes sense to do it.

5 questions to ask after a serious car accident

A driver merges into the side of your car on the interstate, pushing you toward the median. You go across into oncoming traffic, where your vehicle gets hit head-on. They have to airlift you from the scene with serious injuries.

You survive, but spend weeks in the hospital. You have severe injuries that may last for the rest of your life. While you just feel happy to be alive at first, you quickly start thinking about the legal steps you need to take to get compensation from the driver who caused the crash in Aurora.

Backing up is dangerous at a construction site

Using pickup trucks, dump trucks and other types of heavy machinery is something you cannot always avoid on a construction site. As helpful as these vehicles are, they also pose some fairly significant threats to workers -- especially when they are backing up.

Remember that a construction site can be a relatively chaotic place, with many workers on the ground and no clearly defined places for vehicles to move. There's not the separation that you get with roads and sidewalks. Workers and vehicles move in the same spaces and operate in close proximity to one another.

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