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Chicago winters bring added risks to construction workers

While the Chicago area's brutal weather limits the number of outdoor construction projects during the winter months, many of them have to move forward. That means construction workers have to deal with a number of additional challenges because of the cold weather. These include things like digging through frozen ground and treating concrete with calcium chloride so that it can cure properly.

There are also some additional safety issues that construction workers in this area need to be aware of during the winter. One of these is avoiding hypothermia. Just as when it's exceedingly hot out, in frigid temperatures, workers need to have regular breaks when they can come inside -- in this case to warm up.

Aurora woman killed in crash with two semi trucks

An Aurora woman was killed and five people were injured late last month in a crash that involved two semi trucks in Wisconsin. The 84-year-old woman was a passenger in a small sedan when the crash occurred on the morning of Aug. 25 in Caledonia, Wisconsin.

The incident is still under investigation, but authorities believe the car had just exited Interstate 39 going northbound at the intersection of Highway 33 when it was struck by a semi truck traveling eastbound. The collision sent both the sedan and the semi into the westbound lane, where they were struck by another semi.

Dangerous Chicago intersection claims life of bicyclist

Driving in downtown Chicago can be challenging and frustrating, to say the least. During the months when snow and ice aren't covering the ground, construction projects abound. This makes things even more confusing and dangerous for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians.

One particular intersection has recently become known for a significant uptick in the number of collisions. The corner of Halstead and Madison, in the West Loop, has become particularly dangerous, in large part because of the construction that's been taking place there since last year. That work resulted in lane closures and mandatory detours. At least 28 accidents have occurred within 100 feet of this intersection in the last year. By comparison, 10 crashes were reported in that vicinity in 2016.

Take these steps if you get involved in a car accident

On your commute home, you're driving along carefully in your own lane. There is plenty of traffic around you, but you keep a safe following distance and obey the speed limit. It is a simple, safe drive that you do almost every day.

Suddenly, a car pulls out of a parking lot in front of you. It's way too close, but the other driver is on a cellphone and looking the wrong direction. You slam on the brakes as your car plows into the side of that vehicle. The airbags go off and all you can hear is the horn and the sound of screeching tires.

Can phone technology protect teens from car accidents?

Avoiding car accidents often requires the ability to multi-task inside one's mind. Specifically, motorists must concentrate on many different things at once. Examples include:

  • Traffic patterns
  • The behavior of other motorists
  • Traffic signs and signals
  • Events in your vehicle's immediate vicinity

Teen drivers lack the years of experience that have given adult motorists some insight into dangerous situations. For example, adults may notice the subtle weaving pattern of an intoxicated driver, giving them the ability to stay clear. Teenage motorists may not notice this driving behavior or see it as an indicator of intoxication. Obviously, this puts them at risk of being involved in a car accident.

Fatal Illinois construction accident leads to lawsuit

In September 2017, construction work was underway on a hotel in Waukegan. One of the workers hired for carpentry on the project suffered a devastating construction accident in which he fell 20 feet to the ground. Six days later, the carpenter died from what were described as "catastrophic injuries."

An independent arbitrator for the victim's estate recently filed a lawsuit targeting several entities involved with the hotel project.

Safety gear can reduce injuries in a motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle is one of America's most beloved activities. Unfortunately, riding comes with the risk of suffering injury should a crash occur. Severe head or spinal cord injuries, crushed or broken bones and infection-prone road rash are just a few examples of the damage a bike crash can cause.

Responsible motorcycle enthusiasts rely on common sense combined with defensive driving to avoid crashes. In spite of these practices, a negligent car or truck driver could still endanger your life in a crash. Good safety gear plays a critical role in reducing injuries if a motorcycle accident does occur. Below you will find some examples of must-have safety gear when you take to the road on two wheels.

Illinois truck accidents: Who is responsible for preventing them?

When truck accident victims visit our office, many of them want to know why the responsibility of preventing a crash seems to fall to the private motorist. We understand how it can feel this way because many of the accident prevention tips available to the public are geared toward private citizens.

You might not know this but most truckers receive ongoing training and have access to many resources to help them prevent truck accidents. After all, no one wants to experience a serious crash and this includes private motorists, truckers and trucking companies alike. We want you to understand that you do not shoulder 100 percent of the responsibility of preventing crashes. Everyone shares this responsibility. The reason you see and hear so many safety tips meant for ordinary drivers is to keep you safe while using Illinois roadways.

Driver kills teen after fleeing the scene of a different crash

Many people feel that it is not a big deal to bend or even break the traffic laws in Illinois. Going over the speed limit, having a little drink before driving and sending a text behind the wheel are all examples of breaking the law. Another example of breaking the laws that govern the roadways is fleeing the scene of a car accident. Unfortunately, breaking this law can have deeply tragic consequences.

A teenage girl is dead because a careless driver chose to ignore traffic laws and subsequently crashed into the girl's vehicle. The accident also seriously injured the teen's father and her little sister. Both survivors of the crash remain hospitalized. The teen's mother also suffered injuries but was released after receiving treatment. Needless to say, the victims of this crash need immediate assistance dealing with the aftermath of such a tragic event.

Coping with the aftermath of a fatal wreck

Losing a loved one in a motor vehicle accident is a difficult reality to bear. If you believe that your loved one's death resulted due to another party's negligence, it is important to explore your legal options.

One option that immediate family members may consider is to file a wrongful death claim. Taking legal action can help you and your family members recover monetary compensation to defray the financial losses associated with your loved one's death. There are several points that must be present in a wrongful death lawsuit:

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