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Is it wise to call an attorney right after a truck accident?

Any car accidents are frightening, disorienting experiences, especially those that involve large commercial trucks. Experiencing a truck accident is rarely something that leaves a victim in a calm, rational state of mind. This state of confusion can make it difficult for a victim to know how to respond to the accident in the moment. Victims who do not respond properly may miss collecting important evidence that could prove crucial to a future injury claim, or may accidentally assume liability for some or all of the damages.

It is important to understand that an attorney can come out to the scene of a commercial truck accident, or any car accident, to represent the rights and interests of the victims. Usually, it is possible for the attorney to arrive in a matter of minutes, or within the hour. This may seem like a strong measure, but those who know just how costly truck accidents often are understand that an accident involving a truck can produce hundreds of thousands of dollars in liability, or maybe more.

How has the law addressed truck driver fatigue in Illinois?

Like you, truck drivers need a steady income so that they may provide for their families. While operating a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle enables truckers to do that, the work is exhausting. Further, the more truckers drive, the better they are paid. This is a powerful motivator to drive for as many hours as possible.

While it is easy to understand why truck drivers want to log as many hours as they can, overdoing it leads to driver fatigue. In turn, this leads to many truck accident injuries and fatalities that could have been prevented. The government has recognized the role that driver fatigue plays in truck accidents. As such, there are regulations in place that limit the amount of time a truck driver can spend on duty.

Roofers, knowing your rights may help you avoid an injury

All construction workers are at risk of experiencing a work accident. Construction sites are often fraught with hazards both on the ground and at elevations. Roofers, who routinely work at heights, are always in danger of falling. This is especially so if the people in charge of construction projects do not provide safety equipment and training.

As the weather begins to warm up, roofers will enter the busiest part of the year for construction work. We think this is a great time to talk about the rights of roofers and other construction workers in Illinois. For example, did you know that your superiors have a responsibility to help ensure your personal safety while you are working?

Can the use of safety gear aid motorcycle accident claims?

Most motorcyclists take their personal safety seriously. After all, nearly everyone understands the injury risks associated with experiencing a motorcycle accident. Unlike motorists involved in car or truck crashes, cyclists have very little protection when colliding with other vehicles and being thrown or knocked from a motorcycle.

Purchasing and utilizing personal protective gear is one way motorcyclists can enhance their safety and reduce the severity of injuries when motorcycle accidents occur. Here are some good examples of personal protective gear for cyclists.

  • Well-fitted helmets
  • Protective pants, jackets or riding suits
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Eye and face protection
  • Full fingered gloves
  • Cold weather gear when appropriate

Does crash avoidance technology live up to the hype?

Advanced automobile technology usually means increased vehicle costs, but when weighed against car accident risks, the extra cost might be justified. In response to consumer demand for safer automobiles, car makers are now installing technology systems that help drivers avoid crashes.

Many consumers cannot see how such technology could reduce car accidents. To them, it sounds like another way for manufacturers and dealers to get more money from customers. The Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) offers consumers information that supports the effectiveness of advanced automobile technology.

If it's dangerous for truckers, it's probably dangerous for you

We discuss the dangers of trucking quite often in our blog because it continues to be an important topic for all of Illinois. In the course of your day, you will probably find yourself driving near these massive vehicles one or more times.

Although we tend to focus on improving the safety of other motorists in our blog posts, we recognize that hauling large loads is hazardous to truckers. However, some loads are more dangerous for truck drivers than others are. Unfortunately, what is dangerous for truckers is also dangerous for you.

How much does Illinois mandatory insurance really cover?

When shopping around for car insurance, far too many people only look at the final price tag. The sad news is that buying the lowest priced policy you can possibly find could leave you open to financial risk. If you don't want to end up in a financially difficult situation, you may want to review your insurance policy.

It's always smart to invest in more coverage than the bare minimum required by the state. You should also consider adding riders to cover you in the event that you experience a crash caused by someone who is uninsured or underinsured.

Who is liable for construction worker back-over injuries?

If there is one thing American cities and suburbs like Aurora have in common, it is the presence of ongoing construction. If it seems like building and road construction never stops, consider taking it as a good sign. It means that the place in which you live is thriving, growing and providing jobs for many residents.

While construction work remains steady, it is not without risks. Construction accidents occur across the nation on a daily basis. Some of these accidents are benign and cause nothing more than bruises or scrapes. Other construction accidents are serious and may even be fatal. Vehicle back-over accidents are one type of construction accident that can have lethal consequences.

What factors increase the risk of teen car accidents?

Anyone can experience a car accident, but some age groups are more at risk for an accident than other age groups. Teens and young adults are two of the age groups that typically experience a higher rate of car accidents. The reasons for this discrepancy are many, with one of the most common involving a lack of experience.

Researchers across the nation often study car accident statistics gathered from all American states. This data helps identify risk patterns so that lawmakers and safety experts can recommend ways to reduce car accidents.

Motorcycle accident hazards personal injury lawyers often see

What comes to your mind when you think about the reason motorcycle accidents happen in the Aurora area? If you are not a biking enthusiast, you may think these crashes happen because bike riders are wild and reckless. If you enjoy riding motorcycles, you probably thought of a dozen or more accident causes that have nothing to do with recklessness on the bike operator's part.

Our lawyers know that motorcycle riders are especially vulnerable on any Illinois roadway. We also know that when a motorcycle accident occurs, fault does not always land on the operator's shoulders. Like other motorists, bike riders face many road hazards when traveling from point A to point B. We have listed a few of these hazards in the interest of keeping the public informed.

  • Road gravel: This is one of the worst hazards for cyclists because it causes tires to lose their grip and increases the chances of having a motorcycle accident.
  • Potholes: If a motorcycle tire encounters a pothole, there exists a very good chance that the operator will lose control of the bike and experience a crash.
  • Debris: A piece of paper on the road probably won't cause an accident, but other types of debris or litter can cause bikes to spin out of control.
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