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Rear end motorcycle accidents often cause devastating injuries

Motorcycle enthusiasts understand that this beloved pastime and preferred method of transport can result in tragedy. Even when bike riders exercise extreme caution, a negligent motorist can put riders in serious danger. With another hot summer in Illinois in full swing, we thought it was a great time to remind riders to keep an eye on what is going on behind them.

Unlike cars and trucks, motorcycles do not have a steel frame to protect them if a motorcycle accident occurs. If a vehicle is traveling at high speed and strikes a motorbike in the rear, the operator can suffer severe injuries like the ones below.

Brain injuries: A helmet does protect the brain, but bike riders can still suffer brain injuries. In severe cases, brain injuries lead to life-long medical problems and can affect the victim’s cognitive functions and mobility.

Amputations: If a vehicle strikes the back of a motorcycle with great force, parts of the bike or the other vehicle might amputate limbs. In another example, if a leg or an arm suffers a severe crush injury during a rear end accident, it might be necessary for a doctor to remove the affected appendage.

Spinal cord damage: Depending on which part of the spinal cord is injured, victims could face partial or total paralysis. This means enormous medical expenses as well as learning to cope with a completely new way of life.

Continue to keep a close eye behind you if you enjoy biking, and don’t forget to watch your front end as well. Should a motorcycle accident cause you to suffer serious injury, the law can help you find a way to manage the expenses related to your collision. You can learn more about these remedies by visiting our firm’s website.