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Vehicle, machinery operators need to take care when backing up

One of the most dangerous elements of working on a construction site is being around vehicles and machinery that are backing up. Those in charge of construction sites have a responsibility to ensure that workers who are operating these vehicles and machinery exercise caution when putting their equipment in reverse. All workers should also be trained to take care when working around moving vehicles.

Anything that moves on a construction site should have the right equipment to help make backing up safer for everyone. This includes backup alarms that are loud enough to be heard over the noise of these sites, ear protection that workers may be wearing and rear-mounted cameras. Another good safety tip is to place a cone on the back of the machine or vehicle. This forces the operator to look there before moving.

Here are a few other tips that help prevent backup injuries and tragedies on job sites:

  • Everyone on the site should be required to wear high visibility gear.
  • Operators should try to park where they don’t need to back away from other vehicles and machinery.
  • All operators should have a spotter to help guide them while backing up. If a spotter isn’t available, they should use two-way radios to communicate with someone who can guide them as they back up.
  • Everyone should take extra precautions at night when visibility may be lower and workers are more likely to be fatigued.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury or worse in a crash on a construction site, you should ensure that the incident is fully investigated by the appropriate authorities. It may also be wise to talk with an attorney to find out what your legal options are regarding compensation.