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3 potential reasons for wrong-way driving

For a driver, few things are as terrifying as seeing a set of headlights coming toward you on the interstate. It happens so fast that you may not even be able to react to it. The cumulative speed of the two vehicles is likely over 140 miles per hour.

Plus, that car should never be there. You never expect it the way you do on a two-lane road. Even before an accident, you know something has gone very wrong. That type of crash has a high probability of leaving at least one person dead or seriously injured.

Why does it happen? The off-ramps have very clear signs telling people not to enter. The roads themselves are very obviously set up with the traffic signs facing the other direction. No one should accidentally drive onto the wrong side of the highway, but it keeps happening.

Three potential reasons that experts note are:

  • Elderly drivers may get confused or make mistakes based on mental conditions like dementia.
  • Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol may get on the wrong road without realizing what they’ve done.
  • The same is true for drivers who are under the influence of illegal drugs.

Essentially, it should be impossible for a rational driver who is in full control of his or her mental abilities to get on the wrong side of the highway. If that driver is not in full control for any reason, though, it becomes a significant risk.

Have you been hurt in a wrong-way crash, or have you lost a loved one? You may be able to seek significant financial compensation.